About Hairlöss

Hair Loss

“Hairlöss, Your Gain!”

Established in 2014, Hairlöss: the Band plays classic rock hits from the ’70s to today. What bands we cover?

The band includes:

Andy David: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Hair Loss

The dark master rocking the Stratocaster, Andy’s decades of intense musical experience and leadership makes him a weighty addition to the Hairlöss crew. Sweeping vision, brilliant creativity, and Clapton-like dexterity drive this iconic leader.

For something a little different, he’ll bust out the keyboard to add ambience and interest to any piece.

Dean Johnson: Guitar

Hair Loss

Dean’s drive for perfection shows in every note he plays. Give Dean any piece of music and he will dissect it, deconstruct it, consume it, digest it, memorise it, and spit it back with note-for-note perfection.

Chris McAuley: Vocals

Hair LossLead vocalist Chris McAuley is an imposing tattooed baker. His improvisational skills make every show a unique one.

ᚦᚢᚱ The Mighty ’Thør: Bass, Vocals

Hair LossThe bearded Nordic brigand blasts the bass with a dedication found only in the most terrifying of foundationalists. His soothing choirboy vocals will put your fears to rest… for now.

Chad Verdon: Drums

pp-20171115141118Chad marries rigorous rhythm to subtle showmanship, laying down a rock-solid beat.



Chris “Rhodesy” Rhodes: Drums

Hair LossNewcomer Rhodesy adds splash and flair to the timekeeping duties.



The Story of Hairlöss

Hairlöss is a five piece group of dads covering Rock hits from the past and present. Their performances are fun and entertaining for everyone… and their amps go to 11.

(Actually, we aim for a volume where you can hear every word sung, but can still carry on a conversation with your mates over a pint. Usually under 90 decibels.)

Long time ago, at a birthday party far, far away… a conversation happens.

Dean: “Andy, it’s Chris’ birthday and well, he’s got this thing for the song “FOOTLOOSE”, he like goes nuts for it!”

Andy: “okay…..”

Dean: “Well, we’re putting on a surprise birthday party for him…”

Andy: “okaaaaaaaay….”

Dean: “ we should learn it and surprise him!!!”

Andy: “ummm……okay.”

Andy called up his buddy Thor and said: “Hey, you wanna play bass?”

Thor (puts down hammer): “ummm…..okay.”

And so, after several hours of practice and the addition of some more brave souls, Chris heard “FOOTLOOSE” at his surprise birthday party. In fact, he liked it so much, he came up on stage and sang; and lo and behold we witnessed the birth of a singer!

One song turned into 10, then 20 and eventually 4 hours worth of material. One of Dean’s co-workers heard about the band and said something to effect of “You old geezers, you should call yourselves HAIRLOSS.” and the legend was complete!

Former Members:

Chris Shume: Drums, Vocals

The universally-lauded Shumey set aside his many disparate talents to serve as Hairlöss’ metronomic percussionist, virtuoso vocalist, and technowizard in 2014.

What’s the deal with the two dots over the o?

It’s called an umlaut.

How do you pronounce it?

Hairlöss is properly pronounced hair loss.


    • The appropriate paperwork may be acquired out at the next rehearsal.


  1. Tour will begin when all the brown M&M’s have been removed from the bowl…


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